Les mythes courants sur la pratique des sports de combat par les femmes

Common myths about women practicing combat sports

Combat sports have long been associated with a male-dominated practice. However, more and more women are taking up these disciplines, pushing the boundaries and demonstrating their strength and determination. Unfortunately, there are still some myths and misconceptions that Enyo fights against daily, surrounding women's participation in combat sports. In this article, we will debunk these myths and encourage women to engage in these enriching and fulfilling activities.

“Combat sports are too violent for women”; “Women are not strong enough for combat sports.”

You have most likely heard these phrases in the middle of a conversation about sports. However, the reality turns out to be different. Combat sports may seem intense, but they are practiced in a controlled and safe manner, whether in training or competition. Women benefit from the same safety rules and protocols as men. Combat sports allow women to develop their self-defense skills, build their self-confidence and feel safer in their environment; on the contrary, they become stronger through these sports!

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Add to this the fact that physical strength is not the only determining factor in combat sports. Techniques, speed, agility and strategy also play a vital role. Women can build strength and power through regular, specific training. Additionally, combat sports emphasize technique over brute strength, providing equal opportunities for women to succeed.

“Women risk serious injury in combat sports”

This is the third most common stereotype about women's combat sports. As with any sport, there is a risk of injury, but this can be minimized by proper training, professional supervision and the use of the appropriate protective equipment. Women fighters follow a progressive training program that strengthens their bodies and allows them to physically prepare for fights. By following the rules and safety measures, the risk of serious injury is significantly reduced.

“Women cannot be feminine while practicing combat sports.”

Finally here is the last myth which happens to be the most present in the mind of society and which Enyo fights against daily. In reality, femininity is not defined by a certain set of characteristics or behaviors. Women fighters can express their femininity while being competitive and powerful on the tatami. Additionally, the combat clothing and equipment in our range are specially designed to fit the female body, providing comfort, style and functionality! They will make you feel stylish and badass at the same time!

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