Comment gérer la pause d'été ?

How to manage the summer break?

I don't want to stop but my club is closing this summer! I'm afraid of losing motivation if I stop for too long... So many questions as you may have as summer approaches and that's completely normal! We will therefore help you see things more clearly and take this summer break as an opportunity.

You too, take a break

We all have fast-paced lives with lots of things to do, including sports. So, slowing down and taking a break at least once a year is beneficial and I would even say necessary to keep going over time. Taking a break allows you to rest, to assimilate everything you have learned during the year and to get going again at the start of the school year. After 15 days without sport, we can consider that you have really cut down enough, now you can safely return to physical exercise.

Cross-legged girl sitting in sand in swimsuit

Resume gently

Even if your dojo or boxing club is closed, you can still return to sport peacefully, at home or without equipment. You can do a lot of bodyweight exercises (push-ups, squats, sit-ups, pull-ups if you have a bar, etc.), you can go running or swimming, or even just walk. In short, resume at your own pace with sessions that make you FUN. Returning to sport should in no case be associated with a chore!

Take away your guilt

Aah the guilt! A feeling all too familiar to us women. We tend to feel guilty easily, especially if we miss a sports session. But that’s also what vacations are for! To take things lightly and accept not to control everything. Sometimes you'll larva in the sun all day and do nothing, and it's well deserved!

Treat your wounds

If you are an active and sporty woman, there is a good chance that you carry around small injuries here and there that you have never taken the time to really take care of. Now is the time to tackle this task! Medical exams, physiotherapy sessions, even blood tests to check your deficiencies... it's an opportunity to take care of yourself and your body that you put to the test throughout the year.

Girl holding her ankle on tatami, sitting on the floor

Try other sports

Summer is the time for swimming, hiking, water sports and even climbing. In short, it's time to do other sports that have nothing to do with your practice. It allows you to change worlds, learn new things and practice without pressure. So enjoy your summer by staying active :)

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