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Article: What equipment to get back into combat?

Femme avec des gants de MMA

What equipment to get back into combat?

It's time to re-enter the thrilling world of combat sports, and you're more than ready to take on the challenge! Maids what equipment to buy when you start? Before you set foot on the dojo floor, let me guide you into the captivating world of combat gear. With the right tools, you can unleash the powerful warrior goddess within you. So, put on your gloves and follow me on this exciting journey!

Gloves: your best friends

The boxing glove is your best friend in the ring. It allows you to deliver punches with force while protecting your hands and wrists from injury. If you are a woman, 10 Oz or 12 Oz should be enough for boxing! Indeed, you must choose the thickness of your gloves, and it is important to choose the compromise between gloves thick enough to protect your knuckles and not too big either. You will feel more comfortable and ready to take on your opponents!

The mouthguard: the first item to buy on your list!

A pretty smile is your secret weapon, so protect it with a quality mouthguard. This essential accessory absorbs shock to protect your teeth and jaws. Choose a moldable model for the perfect fit, and you'll be able to smile with confidence, even in the most intense moments of combat. This is THE protection to buy from the start!

The Shin Guard: Your Iron Legs in Complete Safety

Your legs are precious, and the shin guard is there to protect them during training and sparring. Opt for comfortable shin guards, with good padding to absorb blows and prevent injuries. This will allow you to give powerful kicks without fear of hurting yourself.

Bandages: to protect your hands

Before putting on your boxing gloves, don't forget to protect your hands with a bandage. This accessory gives you extra support for your wrists, fingers and joints. By taking care of your hands, you will be ready to face any challenge with confidence and determination.

The fighter's sports bag

Finally, don't forget the sports bag! Opt for a spacious, durable bag with compartments to easily store all your equipment. Choose a stylish and practical model that will accompany you in all your fighting adventures.

With these precious tools, you will be armed to face every training and every fight with determination and confidence! See you in the ring! Good day to you !

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